Decoration tips

Minimalist style decoration is based on creating an environment with great lighting, simplicity and order. Having functional furniture, using noble materials where each object has a value and an assigned place. If we want to achieve a minimalist style in our home or workplace, it is important to acquire and place the essentials, only what we need, not saturate or objects or colors, have a clean space and if possible to enter as much natural light as possible, to feel in a free and relaxed place.



Consider that to achieve a minimalist style, color is very important, it should be neutral colors such as white, gray or black and brown tones for the furniture.






Decorating small rooms

We can achieve a minimalist style even in small spaces, remember that we must place only what is necessary such as the bed, closet and a bedside table.

The key is that when you enter you do not see the place saturated, so if you have important objects you can store them in drawers or organizer boxes and put them inside the closet, this will make you have more organized your space, preferably opt for white in most of your room with small gray tones.

Decorating large rooms

When we have a larger room with a good entrance of light, we can take the risk of placing a darker tone on the walls, which allows us to separate spaces and mark visual divisions. Remember to place only the necessary furniture and not to have excessive ornamentation or decoration.


The minimalist style gives us tranquility, order and cleanliness, clearing the mind and providing visual calm. To achieve a minimalist, cozy and warm style it is important to include in our decoration the use of textiles, textiles with a minimalist style.olocar linen or soft wool rugs, curtains, bed linen, carpets and the use of cushions will bring a relaxing warmth, dare to play with different colors and colors. textures, do not forget to include soft colors and neutral tones, use them on the bed or sofa for a greater sense of comfort.